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12. 8. 2022

Reliable packaging and whole blood can save patient’s life

Crēdo ProMed helps to save lives. Tardigrad got significant experience - we've supplied Credo ProMed to Air Rescue Service in Czech Republic. Credo ProMed will keep in the right temperature the whole blood and will travel with paramedics on the board of the helicopter.

Designed specifically for the dynamic needs of pharmaceutical reps and first responders, the Crēdo ProMed™ product line currently consists of three different sized temperature-controlled portable medical transport bags that thermally protect the integrity of valuable pharmaceutical samples and medical supply payloads for 72 - 96 hours. Built on Golden Hour technology offers a unique space-saving design and a carrying case for easy on-the-go transport.

Moravian-Silesian paramedics are introducing a novelty that has the potential to significantly increase the chance of survival for patients with massive bleeding. Introducing this innovation required careful preparation in close cooperation with the Blood Centre of the University Hospital. It is expected that the new service will be launched on Friday.

Seriously injured will receive so-called whole blood on board the rescue helicopter if necessary. With massive bleeding, the chances of survival are increased, and the likelihood of complications after transfusion is also reduced.

Reliable packaging and whole blood can change a patient’s fate.

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