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When it comes to temperature-controlled logistics, it’s not enough to have reliable packaging. That is why we think outside the box and find a way around the impossible. Every request is handled with utmost importance, and every customer gets 2-3 variants of solutions. We know the value of time and also take care about cost saving. Customers always get a choice and feel free to choose the best variant. We are confident in what we do because of the partnership with trusted companies. All Peli BioThermal boxes are validated and tested, validation reports are available outright on request. Temperature data is controlled by Sensitech dataloggers, that are calibrated by the manufacturer. All dataloggers are user friendly, the report is obtained easily and quickly via USB port. Your utmost comfort is our goal. Say Hello to our helpful team!

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Cold chain management

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Actually, all of us take part in cold chain management daily.

It's about keeping cold an ice cream for a child, a bottle of milk for a partner, a medicine for grandparents, and a fresh salad for the family. It's common, household – but still it is cold chain management too.

When speaking about cold chain management in the pharmaceutical industry – all steps are crucial.

The chain is as weak as its weakest link. The fragility of biopharmaceutical products requires a complete rethinking of shipping and logistics strategies. That's what is called cold chain challenges, and we are well trained and experienced experts to struggle it daily.


Our journey from Bílovec to Yerevan

In June 2022 we received a request for delivery of temperature sensitive shipment from Bilovec, Czech Republic, to Yerevan, Armenia.

  • The package: Medications, requiring frozen -20 °C temperature range.
  • The journey: by car from Bilovec to Prague (269 km), by plane from Prague to Warsaw, and then another flight from Warsaw to Yerevan.
  • The challenge: To keep a stable temperature in varying conditions: Prague 27 °C, Warsaw 14°C, and Yerevan 32 °C.
  • The solution: Our team used Cool Guard Advance with temperature range -20 °C.
  • The results: During the whole journey the temperature was stable as confirmed by data logger records.

From Oman to Malta in stable conditions

During the COVID-19 pandemia, Tardigrad helped organize a temperature sensitive shipment from Oman to Malta, via Qatar and Prague.

  • The package: Medications (Dangerous Goods), requiring ambient and chilled temperature ranges.
  • The journey: From Salalah to Muscat (over 1000 km) by car, from Muscat to Doha by plane, then another 2 flights: from Doha to Prague and from Prague to Malta. The last 11 km from Malta airport to the city of Paola.
  • The challenge: To keep a stable temperature in varying weather conditions: Salalah 26 °C, Doha 23 °C, Prague -2 °C and Malta 15 °C. And to manage the delivery with essentially reduced flights during the pandemic.
  • The solution: Our team used Cool Guard Advance, with temperature range 2–8 °C and 15–25 °C, and duration up to 120 hours. The system has vacuum insulation panels (PCM) to reduce excursions and increase compliance. In Prague we re-packed it to freshly preconditioned boxes.
  • The results: Both boxes arrived to final destination on time and in right temperature condition as confirmed by data loggers report.

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Customer experience

We want to build strong partnership with our customers and grow together. We realise that only mutual cooperation can bring satisfaction.

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“With Tardigrad we cooperate since last year. We use full service what Tardigrad offer, what means box with precondition , datalogers and also transport to final destination. We are very satisfied. All transports within the EU, but also to more difficult countries were organized very well . We look forward to the next destination in cooperation with Tardigrad team. We can highly recommend Tardigrad as trustful vendor.”


Sales director in CB Depot s.r.o.

More information

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We have been working with Tardigrad since March 2017. For today our main line of work with this company is data-loggers supply.However, we are currently in the process of the new project launch. Employees of the Tardigrad Group are highly qualified in cold-chain management.They are always ready for negotiation and cooperation.In our business it is very important to follow GDP regulations.Tardigrad Group always pays careful attention to details, so we are in professional manner. And its staff is also a creative problem-solver. We believe that in future we will expand our cooperation. As we know that Tardigrad is GDP-compliant we can recommend this company as trustful vendor.


Director, depot operations in Worldwide Clinical Trials

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