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17. 5. 2022

Peli BioThermal Awarded Best Temperature Control Packaging Provider

Last week our partner Peli BioThermal was recognized as the “Best Temperature Control Packaging Provider” in the India Biologics and Vaccines Outstanding Awards 2022. Presented at the 12th Annual Vaccines World Summit & Great Indian Biologics Festival 2022 conference, the awards honor exceptional biologics and vaccine experts, organizations and technologies that facilitate vaccine R&D and biologics manufacturing excellence at enhanced speed, reduced cost, and superior quality.

Over the last decade, India’s healthcare sector grew significantly, with vaccines contributing to overall growth. As India shifts from a low-cost supplier of generic vaccines to R&D, partnerships become increasingly important. The Annual Vaccines World Summit & Great Indian Biologics Festival brings together international and local organizations that work to complement each other’s capabilities. This year’s festival attracted more than 530 participants from 150 different organizations, including leading international pharmaceutical companies.

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