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14. 3. 2022

A new hero to protect your temperature sensitive goods

Our partner Sensitech, a leading provider of global supply chain visibility solutions, recently launched the TempTale® Ultra BLE, the newest wireless addition to its industry-leading line of digital temperature monitoring solutions. We at Tardigrad are excited about it. Let´s take a quick look at its features so you can get excited, too.

  • The TempTale Ultra BLE is a Bluetooth datalogger that provides touchless, temperature validated monitoring. The device allows an easy access to all the important data without opening cargo packages, providing delivery drivers and receivers proof of condition at destination.
  • Fitting smaller packages with thinner dimensions, the TempTale Ultra BLE is ideal for clinical kits and last mile direct to patient, pharmacies, and clinic shipments.
  • The monitor provides -30 °C to +70 °C temperature range with six programmable alarms, following consistent TempTale quality and specifications.
  • The device comes with the TempTale mobile app for touchless monitor control, clear evidence of alarms and seamless synchronization to the system of record, speeding product release for receivers and quality managers.
  • To support all supply chain partners regardless of smartphone ownership, the TempTale Ultra BLE includes an LCD screen with familiar TempTale icons for immediate alarm status and a secondary USB for validated data retrieval.

For more information about the TempTale Ultra BLE, please contact Tardigrad representative or visit