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27. 6. 2024

Tardigrad & Wilpak partnership

🚀Exciting News from Tardigrad Group!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new dedicated webpage providing detailed information about Wilpak Group International innovative thermal protection solutions!🎉
At Tardigrad Group, we pride ourselves on providing temperature-controlled solutions to the pharmaceutical industry globally, 24/7/365. Our collaboration with Wilpak Group International allows us to offer wider innovative thermal protection solutions that ensure the safe and efficient transport of temperature-sensitive products.
Wilpak's Leading Products:
InsulCap®: A thermal blanket designed to manage thermal risks at any logistic point within the supply chain, reducing the need for refrigerated trucks and cutting fuel costs.
InsulBox®: A customizable thermal box liner that provides exceptional thermal protection for smaller temperature-sensitive products.
Visit our new webpage to learn more about Wilpak's products in detail and how they, combined with Tardigrad's expertise, can help manage risks and optimize the transport and storage of your critical pharmaceutical shipments.

Link to new sub page: