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27. 2. 2024

Journey from Prague to Goa and Ahmedabad


Last week we received a request for delivery of temperature sensitive shipments from Prague, Czech Republic to 2 destinations in India – Goa and Ahmedabad.The package: Medications, requiring ambient controlled +15 °C + 25 °C temperature range.The journey: by plane from Prague to Dubai, and then another flight from Dubai to Mumbai. And the last mile to Goa and Ahmedabad by land.The challenge: To keep a stable temperature in varying conditions: Prague +7 °C, Dubai +26°C, and Mumbai +34 °C. To be sure that thermo packaging will keep the right temperature for long time in case of any unsuspected delays, or if delivery will be postponed due weekends.The solution: Our team used Cool Guard PCM with temperature range +15 °C + 25 °CThe results: During the whole journey the temperature was stable as confirmed by data logger records.

Bring us your challenge – we will manage it with pleasure. 

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