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15. 9. 2023

From Chicago,USA to Kiev,UA


In September 2023 we received a request for delivery of the temperature sensitive shipment (insulin) from Chicago, USA to Kiev, Ukraine. It's a long journey, with many connection flights, transfers, different weather conditions, time zones. It may sound tricky, but we definitely know how to handle it.

The package: Medications, requiring frozen (dry ice) -79 °C temperature range. Two items with a total weight 170 kg.

The journey: 1st flight O'Hare International Airport in Chicago to Madrid, Spain, 2nd flight from Madrid to Prague, Czech Republic, 3rd part – by temperature controlled vehicle from Prague to Kiev, Ukraine.

The challenge: To keep a stable temperature in varying conditions: Chicago 32 °C, Madrid 20 °C, Prague 23 °C, Kiev from 15 to 22°C. To issue obligatory document T1 on Sunday, to organize ASAP temperature controlled vehicle to Kiev. This was done during some hours on the weekend.

The solution: Dry ice shippers + temperature controlled vehicle.

The results: The shipment was delivered to Kiev in less than 24 hours (the whole journey less than 72 hours). During the whole journey the temperature was stable as confirmed by data logger records.

No doubts, we can help you with any temperature sensitive products.

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