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20. 12. 2022

Crēdo ProMed – Powerful and lifesaving!


Crēdo ProMed is used in a new clinical trial. During the trial air ambulance crews will carry 'whole blood' instead of separate red blood cells and plasma for the treatment of severely injured patients at risk of bleeding to death. The SWIFT trial is led by NHS Blood and Transplant and will involve 10 air ambulance charities across the country in partnership with the Ministry of Defence and Air Ambulances UK.

If the trial shows patient benefit, it could reduce trauma deaths in civilian accidents and also on the battlefield, and in any situation where delaying a transfusion by seconds or minutes could be critical.

We are proud to be a part of it! Crēdo ProMed is designed specifically for the dynamic needs of the first responders. The product line currently consists of three different sized temperature-controlled portable medical transport bags that thermally protect the integrity of valuable pharmaceutical samples and medical supply payloads for 72 - 96 hours. Built on Golden Hour technology offers a unique space-saving design and a carrying case for easy on-the-go transport.


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