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10. 7. 2019

Tardigrad Announces Strategic Partnership with Peli BioThermal

Tardigrad Announces Strategic Partnership with Peli BioThermal 

Tardigrad Group today announced that it is entering into a strategic distribution relationship with Peli BioThermal, which will streamline the distribution of the Peli product along with Tardigrad services across the regions of Eastern Europe and Middle East.

“We are very excited to be joining our strengths with Peli Biothermal, global name in cold chain packaging. Our combined effort will bring the new opportunities to our customers’ doorsteps”  says Monika Jirovcova, Director Global Operations. 

peli agreement 2

Director of Sales & Marketing (EMEA) ,Peli Biothermal, Paul Terry
Director global operation, Tardigrad, Monika Jírovcová